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Convert a folder of .JPG-LARGEs to .JPGs

2017 January 1


Here’s a method you can use on Windows or Unix to convert any number of files of type .jpeg-large and .jpg-large to type .jpg for easier use with various programs.

This article provides instructions presuming you are on Windows 10 with little or no knowledge of Unix. If you are on Unix, the relevant part below begins with the words “Then activate bash…”.


1. Windows 10 ships with the bash shell. (Maybe you have to enable it — I don’t remember. Use your favorite search engine to find out how.)

2. Make a backup copy of your .jpeg-large and .jpg-large files, because this process will change the names irreversibly.

3. Open a command tool / DOS box / command prompt — it’s a program — hit the windows key and search for “cmd”.

4. In the command tool, use the cd command to change directory (a directory is a folder) …
supposing myfolder contains the .jpg-large files …

C:\foo> cd \foobar\myfolder

5. Then activate bash …

C:\foobar\myfolder> bash

6. Then type in each of these lines (you don’t have to type the the comment which starts with # and ends at the end of the line) …

ls                     # show all the files in folder
# LIST of all the jpg-large files
LIST=`ls | grep -i \.jpg-large`
# and all jpeg-large files
LIST=$LIST\ `ls | grep -i \.jpeg-large`
for FILE in $LIST      # for each file in LIST
# get new name
NEWF=`echo $FILE | sed 's/\.[^.]*$/\.jpg/' `
      # WARNING: -f overwrites existing .jpg if any
mv -fv $FILE $NEWF     # rename file.
done                   # end of LIST
ls                     # show all the files in folder

7. Then type…


…maybe type exit multiple times to exit the command tool

8. That is all.




Thanks to Jonathan Leffler for the solution to a similar problem in his note of Sep 20 2011 .

The photo of the butterfly is a type .jpg-large, converted to jpg.

Audio for Sunday Talk Shows

2011 September 25


I can listen to MSNBC Meet the Press on my iphone. I can listen to CBS Face the Nation on my iphone. (Keep reading for some sketchy instructions.) Why not ABC This Week?

With a simple link to an audio mp3, I can put the phones in my ears, turn on the audio, lock the iphone to accidental tapping, put the iphone in my pocket, and go for a walk while I listen to the show. With a simple link to an audio mp3, I don’t have to futz with read more…

How I set up SSH on my Hosting service

2011 February 26
by Dan

"I will find a way, or make one." -- Hannibal (248-183 BC)

This article provides step-by-step instructions for activating SSH on

With SSH, I can get a Unix login shell on my hosting service. With this access, I can use Unix commands to search through my website content and to make changes on the hosting server. At the same time, SSH gives me access to a very capacious Unix box for a wide range of utility computing tasks.

SSH is a secure login access method, in use on Unix hosts since 1995. Tatu Ylonen at the Helsinki University of Technology (a.k.a. Aalto University) developed SSH.  SSH is widely-used, well-tested and trusted for high-security computing. The software tool Putty uses SSH to connect and establish a command window. There are other methods. I use Putty. (At the end of read more…


2011 February 20

Image: Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum (August 27, 2005),

When I get a new loginid on a Linux (or Unix) system, there are a few things I set up right away. While I will expend surprisingly many words to tell you about this, the action only takes a minute or two when you know how. This article uses a very basic set of Linux (or Unix) commands. If you are a newbie who wants to get started quickly with Linux (or Unix), then learn the contents of this article. Harass your colleagues for help if you need it.

First, I set up my own ~/bin subdirectory to hold my glorious creations, including mcp.

$ mkdir ~/bin

Next, I create mcp, which I use all the time. mcp is an acronym that stands for something I don’t recall. mcp is a shell script that contains this:

#! /bin/sh
cp ${1} ${1}.`date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S`

read more…

How I migrated my blog from to private hosting

2011 January 11

Photo: Burg Eltz by Erwin Kuhn (2009)

Last week, I migrated this blog from the free to private hosting on In this article, I attempt to recount the steps of that process. The presentation here is “how-to”, but beware of shameless inaccuracies.

Other sources on the net leave out some details. So do I, though not by intention. I tried to record every step, but I didn’t test them. I didn’t diligently try to repeat these steps myself. And I know I got tired toward the end and missed a few details.

Therefore, be warned, these steps probably aren’t exactly what you will read more…


2011 January 5
by Dan

AFP has the best news photos

There were a few details to fix by hand, but on the whole, it’s worked read more…

Migrating to platform

2011 January 5
by danielbroc

For my next number, I will migrate this blog to the platform at

Please secure your seat belts and prepare to migrate.

I hope this goes smoothly.

Do I Need Firewall Software on My PC?

2010 November 17

Maaris Dravnieks in San Francisco, 2009

The legendary programmer Maaris Dravnieks pointed out that a software firewall running on a PC can make it so slow that you will think it’s 1999. If you have experienced this yourself, then you may also have had the thought “Do I really need this firewall?”

In my opinion: read more…

Survey Results!

2010 October 19
by danielbroc

Last month, I presented a set of survey questions, and now, ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to report the summary results, as promised.

Salzburg Strasse. Photo by Erwin Kuhn

You are overwhelmingly female, with household income exceeding USD 100,000. You are well-educated, with post graduate education.

Most of you admit to having read at least one blog article, but you can’t remember which one it was. Most of you would like to see a new blog article weekly or biweekly.

As for whether Dan’s Famous Blog is the world’s best blog, most of answered unequivocally “maybe”.

Most of you enjoyed the survey and want to take another one.

There was one respondent.

Till next week: Adios, senorita!

Survey Time!

2010 September 12
by danielbroc

This survey takes less than 2 minutes (unless you want to dawdle — take your time).

Contribute your immortal wisdom and pithy comments.

Click here to take survey

You could win big. On the other hand, maybe not.

Party on.