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Audio for Sunday Talk Shows

2011 September 25


I can listen to MSNBC Meet the Press on my iphone. I can listen to CBS Face the Nation on my iphone. (Keep reading for some sketchy instructions.) Why not ABC This Week?

With a simple link to an audio mp3, I can put the phones in my ears, turn on the audio, lock the iphone to accidental tapping, put the iphone in my pocket, and go for a walk while I listen to the show. With a simple link to an audio mp3, I don’t have to futz with “subscription” to a podcast, nor with downloading and eventually deleting a podcast, nor with signing in to itunes, nor with indicating my agreement to legal threats, nor with downloading and maintaining an app.

I would be pleased if ABC This Week could provide the audio on mp3 for simple download and play on my iphone. I don’t want to watch a video.  I don’t want to subscribe to anything. I don’t want to log in to itunes. I don’t want to agree to legal threats. I don’t want to download an app. I can tolerate some stupid advertising. I do want to listen to the audio. ABC seems to provide no way to do this. ABC doesn’t provide the video or the audio for play on iphone.

MSNBC Meet the Press provides the audio within a few minutes of end of the broadcast show. They could just give me the audio link, but they make me either find the hyperlinked word “Audio” on this page or use an audio app downloaded from itunes. The app works ok, but it’s really unnecessary, and the app clutters my machine. All I really need and want is

CBS Face the Nation provides the audio within a few minutes following the show. I use an audio app from itunes. I have to put up with a little stupid advertising. It is impossible to click the right links on an iphone to simply get the mp3. On a laptop, I don’t have to search much on to find the hyperlink for “Download”, which gives me which is all I wanted.


For the Meet the Press iphone app, on your iphone, go to the App Store (the icon on the button looks something like a capital “A” in a circle), and search for “Meet the Press”.

For the Face the Nation app, on your iphone, go to the App Store, and search for “CBS Radio News”.


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