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The World’s Best Article on How to Start a Blog

2010 August 19
by danielbroc
John David Drake

John David Drake

The aura of the well-turned phrase surrounds John David Drake, who advises clients of Dynamics Online, Inc. how to manage their social web presences. When I elected to dip a toe in the blogging lagoon, I needed advice on tools, tricks, pitfalls and strategy. And since I didn’t have a clue, I needed to know how to get started. I asked Mr. Drake. Here is his excellent advice.
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The Calculator of Howard Aiken

2010 July 28
Harvard Mark I (IBM, 1944)

Photo by IBM

In 1944, IBM delivered the ASCC Automated Sequence Controlled Calculator, better known as the Harvard Mark I, to a physics laboratory at Harvard University. read more…

Rolling your own addthis widget

2010 July 21
musique militaire du Bey de Tunis en 1905

musique militaire du Bey de Tunis en 1905 (, 2010)

If you are like me and too cheap to spring for your own hosted WordPress, yet you still want an addthis widget so you can go viral, here is one way to do it, step by step (“->” means “Choose”).

1. Go to

2. Select your service: ->Website read more…